It. Has. Arrived.

Today I was having a beer with a friend at Indo’s, contemplating about the state of pre-Christmas time, when, through the glass cabinet of the fridge, I saw a dark green bottle with a familiar font. I gently asked the lovely bar attendant:

‘I am sorry, but is this normal Steinlager or Steinlager Pure?’

Oh, I think it’s the normal Steinlager. No, wait: It is the pure stuff.’

I carefully took ownership of the container, checking for the details: Indeed, it was labelled as brewed in Auckland. Imported by a place in London. After trying to get hold of a bloody bottle for two years, there it was, in my own local.

This must a sign. Maybe it is a christmas miracle and god is giving me a sign to change my atheist ways?

…or maybe the Kiwi population in London has finally hit 1 million and it’s worth importing the stuff.

At 3 pound 20 it’s certainly not cheap, but as it’s christmas only once a year…


Atmosphere Aplenty

I work in the East End, and all around me, pubs are dying. That means that these days I have to venture ever further to have my once a week post work pint. So today I walked for 30 minutes before finding it. I ended up at ‘INDO‘, and I don’t think I’ll ever leave. The punters might be a bit different, the music might be on the rubbish side of ‘ecclectic’, but the beers are heavenly, it’s quiet on an weekday night and it’s better than everything else around.

Praise indeed.