Isn’t it weird that every journey somehow always begins in Whitechapel,

takes me through The Mall

and ends in Singapore. I must have some sort of built in autopilot.

Funnily enough, the lady at Dixon’s wished me a safe journey and didn’t understand that it wasn’t up to me, as I wan’t going to fly the bloody plane.


Atmosphere Aplenty

I work in the East End, and all around me, pubs are dying. That means that these days I have to venture ever further to have my once a week post work pint. So today I walked for 30 minutes before finding it. I ended up at ‘INDO‘, and I don’t think I’ll ever leave. The punters might be a bit different, the music might be on the rubbish side of ‘ecclectic’, but the beers are heavenly, it’s quiet on an weekday night and it’s better than everything else around.

Praise indeed.