The Dangers of Biking in the Capital


This poignant memorial has been standing at the corner of Mile End Road / Burdett Road in the East End since I can remember and -unusually – has never defaced or removed. It reminds daily of the dangers of riding a push bike in London, and while things are slowly getting better (thanks to a mayor who rides a bike himself), there were still 19 dead and 2400 injured cyclists in 2009.

Be careful out there.

St Clements Hospital

There are few spookier things than an old, abandoned psychiatric hospital. How many tortured souls must have been living in the confines of this old Victorian workhouse that was transformed into a psychiatric hospital in 1936. On Mile End Road in the East End of London, you can still marvel at its faded architecture and wonder what the security men who are guarding the place at night must be thinking.

Oh yes, and it’s going to  be converted into a block of flats.