It. Has. Arrived.

Today I was having a beer with a friend at Indo’s, contemplating about the state of pre-Christmas time, when, through the glass cabinet of the fridge, I saw a dark green bottle with a familiar font. I gently asked the lovely bar attendant:

‘I am sorry, but is this normal Steinlager or Steinlager Pure?’

Oh, I think it’s the normal Steinlager. No, wait: It is the pure stuff.’

I carefully took ownership of the container, checking for the details: Indeed, it was labelled as brewed in Auckland. Imported by a place in London. After trying to get hold of a bloody bottle for two years, there it was, in my own local.

This must a sign. Maybe it is a christmas miracle and god is giving me a sign to change my atheist ways?

…or maybe the Kiwi population in London has finally hit 1 million and it’s worth importing the stuff.

At 3 pound 20 it’s certainly not cheap, but as it’s christmas only once a year…

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