Welcome back to the World, United States of America

While the world is celebrating, there are still some die hard conservative air heads in the U.S. that didn’t get the memo: ‘Oiltrader’ in the comment section of the New York Post writes:

“My family and friends will never accept this criminal and terrorist lover as our President….. The entire world will just laugh at him and more importantly all of us for being so stupid as to elect a man like this….. Lets hope that the rest of the non-idiots in this country share our thoughts and intentions and show everyone everywhere that this man will never have a thing to say as President, but will only be a token figurehead…. NOTHING MORE!!!!!!”

Well, he’s right in one aspect: the world IS laughing, and it’s because we’re relieved and overjoyed. 8 years of disastrous foreign policies, the stoking of the hellfires of the Christian fringe and hapless fiscal policies are now over.

The world is once again ready to embrace a responsible, enlightened and proudly liberal United States, happy to be inspired by its stupendous creativity, multicultural society and technical brillance.

Welcome back, Americans, the world applauds you.

Well done.

Boris, meet enraged Joe SixPack.

So Boris Johnson officially endorsed Barack Obama in a Op-Ed piece in the Telegraph. Good on him. He probably did not expect the wrath of the enraged Palin voters. Here are some excerpts from the hundreds of comments that found their way on the Telegraph’s website. They’re actually quite funny!

“…stay the hell out of American politics you privileged, limey ponce.”

“Obama is a puppet of Zbiegniew Brzezinski, the man very involved in the creation of the Mujahaden who became the Taliban. He was a big player in HAARP technology and believes in the Eugenics programme.
Psychiatrists have exposed Obama’s speeches as using hypnotic mechanisms, so he is well trained in deception, something I feel we need to rid politics of.”

“Obama is a New World Order stooge.
Anyone wondered why his opposition is a 72 year old who is in remission from cancer?
These people take no chances.”

“Mind your own business, you don’t vote over here in AMRERICA!!! unless you are one of Obamas secret donors. Americans don’t care about you Muslim loving brits. Stay out of our election.”

..and my favourite:

“Whether Obama wins or loses, the blacks will probably riot. […] Many people are stocking up on ammunition in anticipation of trouble in the urban areas on Election Night.
I realize that you are a U.S. citizen and entitled to vote for Obama if you choose, but you won’t be living here for the next four years. The man is a full-blown socialist and it will take decades to undo the damage he will cause.”

Republicans’ Rants

I have a new past time. It’s safe, entertaining, funny, does not involve any dangerous substances and only requires a working internet connection: I have started to read the comments under the op-eds in the New York Post. I accidentally stumbled over them after I went out looking for reputable media outlets away from the rabid right-wing blogosphere and the ever so annoying Fox News. What I found was the New York Post, a Murdoch owned red top that comes closely in tone and editorial content to scourge of the British media, The Sun. It’s editorials have an obvious republican slant and represent Murdochs preference in politics and politicians, so it’s a fair representation of middle of the road republican opinion. So, while the op-ed pieces are getting more embittered the further Obama is pulling away in the polls (the latest accuses the republicans for electing the wrong candidate, because McCain is just not conservative enough) and are already quite enlightening, the real fun is to be found in the comments, where Joe Six Pack and the Hockeymums (not my terminology, but the Governor of Alaska’s) let rip. Let’s have some excerpts:

“…If America elects this crowd of bitter, whining, excuse-making, America-hating losers (the Obama team), they will have us on par with the people’s paradise of Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela within years….”


Here’s one who obviously doesn’t listen to Limbaugh and doesn’t watch Fox News:

“…Are you kidding!!! Every media source in this country is shamefully liberal and democrat. The movie industry, television talk shows, news shows, newspapers, music industry. All shamefully and some obnoxiously biased toward the democrats….”

“…The jackals in the Press pledged their allegience to Obama months ago and don’t care who knows it. They are fellow travelers in the Marxist march to take over the government…”

“…OBAMA, accompanied by the Marxists, Socialists, and his kool-aid drinking believers, are being protected for now, but they will come out of hiding if this Election goes their way. Obama is dangerously inexperienced, yet arrogant in his ignorance, and will change this Country into the so-called Utopia that Socialists have been seeking for 50 years…”

Aren’t they funny? I can happily recommend this lovely way of spending a couple of minutes in front of the computer. The Post and its readers will always provide for a good laugh. And it helps to explain why so many people are still voting Republican: the ‘culturewar’ is very real to these people. They are worried that come January they will wake up in a ‘Socialist Utopia’.