Welcome back to the World, United States of America

While the world is celebrating, there are still some die hard conservative air heads in the U.S. that didn’t get the memo: ‘Oiltrader’ in the comment section of the New York Post writes:

“My family and friends will never accept this criminal and terrorist lover as our President….. The entire world will just laugh at him and more importantly all of us for being so stupid as to elect a man like this….. Lets hope that the rest of the non-idiots in this country share our thoughts and intentions and show everyone everywhere that this man will never have a thing to say as President, but will only be a token figurehead…. NOTHING MORE!!!!!!”

Well, he’s right in one aspect: the world IS laughing, and it’s because we’re relieved and overjoyed. 8 years of disastrous foreign policies, the stoking of the hellfires of the Christian fringe and hapless fiscal policies are now over.

The world is once again ready to embrace a responsible, enlightened and proudly liberal United States, happy to be inspired by its stupendous creativity, multicultural society and technical brillance.

Welcome back, Americans, the world applauds you.

Well done.