Finn, Runga, Dobbyn. Heaven.

While I am the first man to step forward to say that New Zealand is not the paradise that most Europeans believe it is, the musical output of this community the size of South London is impressive. The recording of the 2000 tour (and a 2002 London gig, I believe) of these three veterans of Kiwiana Pop is especially gratifying, as it combines the sparse melodies of Bic Runga with a ‘best of’ Dobbyn’s oevre and some of the best of Tim Finn’s three decades of music (including his solo work, Crowded House and Split Enz). Together with a tight band of musical mercenaries they sing, whistle and hum together and created an outstanding album that showcases the best of New Zealand’s recent musical heritage. All three are songwriters with an outstanding ability of capturing their touching lyrics in ultimately hummable songs that linger around in your brain for a long time.

Even if you have no idea who these people are and have never been to New Zealand, Together in Concert is an excellent introduction into this culture’s musical culture and apart from that a damn good album.