I have become a complete Whedonite (or is it Jossarian?).

Ok, that’s it. I am now officially a complete and utter devotee of the man. I am even thinking about buying the whole Buffy set.

Firefly was my first contact with Joss Whedon’s skills as a writer. I was mightily impressed by the wordplay, the puns, the people and the spaceships (even the best girlfriend ever grudgingly admits that Firefly was rather good, and she is certainly no Sci-Fi chick. Nono, Senor, no Star Trek memorabilia in HER house. But that’s beside the point. There is, by the way, nothing wrong with a well placed little figurine when it’s tastefully done. But let’s move on..). And of course the rather good looking cast.

When his Jossiness then pulled off to get Serenity into the cinemas, I secretly started to suspect that the mojo was strong in the dude and that the fuss the interwebs made about was probably deserved.

But this, his latest project is so weirdly, deliciously excellent, that it deserves all the praise this meagre little blog can create. Dr Horrible’s Sing-along blog has just given me the most lovely, enchanting thirty minutes in, er, a VERY long time. After watching act one and two I am already completely hooked and want can’t wait for the final show. Even though obviously done on a ridiculously low budget even for Whedon’s frugal standards, it’s beautifully filmed and has three great leads. Neil Patrick Harris, already mischieviously funny as a semi SS leather clad hero in Starship Troopers is a great lead, believably torn between his evil plans and trying to get the girl. Even the music is pretty good (better than Lloyd-Webber, anyway) and even though the actors are struggling with some of the songs, it’s still enjoyable and not too cheesy.
So, get it on Itunes, watch it live or buy the DVD.

You know you want to.

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