Dear Sony

I know you are currently in terminal decline, and I will only hold you up for a minute. I used to be a proud owner of innumerable Sony Walkmen, Discmen, MD Players, Mobile Phones and even a PS3, and now I own one of your TVs, the magnificently named KDL-32cx523 (I am sure you’re paying the guy coming up with the names for your stuff loads of money). You know what, terminal decline yes or no, I really like it. It wasn’t particularly expensive, it’s not ugly, it has a beautiful picture, works really well with the internet and my home network and makes the best girlfriend happy because she can watch her favourite crime dramas on BBC in HD on it. So far, so good. There are just 2 little niggles.

a) do you really think I would spend eighty pounds for a Sony labelled USB web camera worth 2 pence so I can Skype in front of the TV?

b) your HD recording feature is magnificent, but have you ever thought about that no one in their right mind formats their hard disk in FAT32 anymore? If you insist that an external HD is to be formatted in ancient file format, then PLEASE, FOR PETE’S SAKE, TELL ME IN YOUR BLOODY MANUAL AND DON’T LET ME SCOUR THE INTERNET FOR HOURS!

Best wishes,


P.S. May your share price equal the Royal Bank of Scotland’s.