Matt Bianco in Mendrisio



Back from Mendrisio, I have to admit that I had a blast: lovely weather, great little town, good music and a wonderful crowd. And thanks to the genius of Andrea Perotti, I have some picture to show you. More at his flickr site.


Arrived after a significant battle with an Italian Tom-Tom, which decided to send me three times around Milano airport by saying ‘keep left’ all the time. After realising that I should have a look at the display I finally made it out of this circle of hell and arrived in torrential rain and, after ca 45 minutes, in my hotel. More about that later. At the moment I am just happy to sit here, have a beer and look at the mountains.Photo 1

…and no, I don’t know either what the bike is doing in the window. Off to the gig now…

The road to Lugano…


…always starts in a traffic jam in London.


..and meanders gently via Check in Zone ‘K’. They have now given Lufthansa an extra, separated check-in area at Heathrow’s T1. Probably to keep the Germans away from the rest of humanity.