Matt Bianco in Mendrisio



Back from Mendrisio, I have to admit that I had a blast: lovely weather, great little town, good music and a wonderful crowd. And thanks to the genius of Andrea Perotti, I have some picture to show you. More at his flickr site.

The road to Lugano…


…always starts in a traffic jam in London.


..and meanders gently via Check in Zone ‘K’. They have now given Lufthansa an extra, separated check-in area at Heathrow’s T1. Probably to keep the Germans away from the rest of humanity.

Lugano Jazz Festival

On Saturday the 27th of June Stanley Jordan, the James Taylor Quartet and some acquaintances of mine will be playing in the streets of Mandrisio. This little town in Switzerland, nestled between lakes Como and Lugano will be hosting this rather groovy part of the Lugano Jazz Festival. I am thinking Sun, Samba and Raclette.

How can I not be there?

Exactly. Hence I will attempt to harness the power of twitter, my mac, my camera, my mobile and a bloody expensive roaming data package to bring you live updates from this little 24 hour trip to the Swiss Alps and back.

Wish me luck…