Oh Lord. Oh God. Jesus!

As you might have gathered by now, the best girlfriend and I are currently on a little road trip through the Mid-West of the United States of America. Starting in Washington D.C., we drove to one of my alma maters, the wonderful Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland to meet some friends, before continuing to Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan. Thanks to our trusty Lincoln Town Car, the hours on the road were rather pleasant, but there was a slight problem with finding an appropriate radio station to listen to (the best girlfriend ever really can’t listen to typical fordiebianco lala for hours and there is no NPR in West Ohio). We would hit the ‘seek’ button, and not only one, but up to 5 christian stations would appear in a row, informing us in a typical condescending way how to live our life. Some highlights:

So you had a sterilisation and now you feel guilty about it. Just stay abstinent for a few days every month, to tell the lord that you have changed.

Do you really think that Einstein’s knowledge impressed the lord? Do you really think that YOUR advanced knowledge impresses the lord? Maybe your knowledge impresses the Devil, and you should repent.

So, in a nutshell: Having sex when your sterilised and having a degree is unchristian. Does that mean that the nation should have a lot of stupid babies? China and the rest of the engineering hotbeds of the world will fall over laughing. Mind you, none of the wonderful people we have met in the last 4 days have ever listened to this crap and actually really fear for their country. The opposing polarities this society is creating are scary beyond belief. Charles Murray’s ‘Coming apart’ was right in every aspect: there are now two wildly diverging parts of this society, and looking at the current Republican caucus and the spectacle of the presidential elections, I think I know who’s winning.

Praise the lord. And repent. For reading this.


Or else.