Sometimes I wonder….

…what a typical law abiding American citizen wants with an Assault rifle. Something like this:


The Bushmaster M4 can be bought perfectly legal from online stores, shops and gun fairs and than have it stored in your household. I presume you want to keep it under the bed, just in case you are being attacked by the mercenaries of the liberal tyrant running your country, intent of removing the freedoms that those (obviously highly prescient) constitutional forefathers have granted you. Whether the forefathers were mindful of the Bushmaster M4 assault rifle is debatable, but I have always wondered why you wanted to have a weapon at home that can discharge 900 rounds per minute. So if you’re a moderately good shot and there are a few hundred federal agents standing in your living room, ready to take your liberties away, you can dispense them in less time it takes to recite the allegiance to the flag.

On the other hand, if you want to protect your family from a burglar, wouldn’t a baseball bat and a mobile phone not be more appropriate? The bat comes pre-loaded, doesn’t kill the other members of your family and the dog with stray bullets and doesn’t make such a mess. The same goes of course for hunting: if you really want to eat that dear that you have been stalking, riddling it with 300 dum dum shots will not make for a good piece of venison at night. My friend Steve hunts wild boar in New Zealand, and he normally needs one shot and a knife to feed the family for a week.

So, somehow the whole ‘I need my assault rifle for the defense of my rights’ really only applies to paranoid nutters with a phallic deficiency complex who have authority issues.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

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