The Inklein Quartet

The Inklein Quartet. Inclined to make good music (see what I did there). Pic from Myspace.

Sometimes there are lucky coincidences. Even in recession battered England. Because by pure chance I stumbled over the name of the composer, conductor and all around good guy Steve Bentley-Klein and soon found out that he had made an album. With a string quartet. And drums! The Inklein Quartet (It’s a pun on words, you know) was (according to the blurb on the net) founded in 2000 and has been working with all sorts of fancy names: The Royal National Theatre, Morcheeba, the British Council (unfortunately not the Style Council) and was even on some pretty cool movies. They released one album, which I am currently listening to, and it’s bloody beautiful (available via Amazon Download). It’s a lovely mix between late  – romantic string quartet, trip hop, gypsy jazz and features some of the nicest music I have heard for a while.

Their website is now defunct, but have a listen to their stuff on their myspace page.


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