Geekiness aplenty.

A cooler monster

This picture was taken by the best girlfriend ever after wandering randomly into my study and seeing this enormous red, glowing thing on my (messy) desk. She obviously asked herself what in the world that thing would be: a Dr Whoish weapon? An alien artifact? Nope. It’s actually a fancy CPU cooler called the ‘Silent Knight’ and now sits on my new processor.

I had recently acquired ‘Ghostbusters – The Game’ and was quite confident that my moderate gaming rig would be happy to cope with it, but was let down badly. 4 gb, a HD5670 and a Phenom X III obviously don’t get you very far anymore, so I had to upgrade. As I have lost the will to scour hardware sites and compare prices, I went for a moderately priced MoBo/Processor/Ram/Cooler bundle from a very friendly chap at Maplins in Colchester and a HD 6850 that I sourced from the brillant Nexus Computer in the same Essex metropolis (a true geek haven, with knowledgeable, friendly staff). Together with 8 gigs of ram and a fresh Windows 7 installation, this is now an impressively quick rig for under 400 quid (and still implanted in my ancient beige metal case from the late 20th century), and the Ghostbusters are having a very impressive blast.

And yes, the silent knight fitted into the old metal case with ease and now keeps the little monster at a breezy 40 celsius, even when Ray,Peter and Egon are at it against dozens of ghosts.


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