Computer advice for the technologically challenged.

So the BBC featured on their website an interview with ‘LJ Rich’ (I wonder what LJ might stand for), a technology reporter for the BBC’s technology show ‘Click‘. Click has always been to technology what the ‘People’s Friend‘ has been to contemporary literature, so I didn’t expect much.  A jolly man asked ‘LJ’ (I wonder whether this was themed after ‘AJ’ from that ground breaking eighties show ‘Simon and Simon”) what the best thing would be to refresh that old Laptop/Desktop that takes ages to boot and slow to run. Cue the age old litany about how to defragment and clear up your HD, reinstall XP (‘but don’t forget to backup, otherwise everything is lost!’) and other Windows centric tips (apparently Mac user don’t have to worry, everything takes care of itsself).

That this is not geared towards the technophiles in this world is self evident, but if you advise to reinstall your terrible OS, why not then quickly mention the possibility of installing a DIFFERENT OS that would turn your computer into something usable again. Xubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix or Slax (not to mention Damn Small Linux, which I confess is more for advanced users) will turn your old banger into a veritable hive of activity, makes you forget about viruses and gives you the same quality applications that you are using on your lame Windows desktop anyway (apart from Office, but OO is more than a replacement these days).

On the other hand, what can you expect from the makers of ‘Click’.


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