Workers Cafe, Bethnal Green

This cheerful cafe was bursting full when I entered on a rainy Wednesday. Eggbaconchipsandbeans were ordered within seconds by a very efficient waitress and the cooking crew behind the corner gave their darndest to keep the dozens of punters in this busy cafe happy. The condiments looked smashing and complete, the design on the large coffee mugs was simple and effective, and the table was nice and clean. While waiting for my feast, there were some mutterings behind me by some lads that “muttermutterthis is a workers cafe and that people wearing shirts should stay in their own places muttermutterand have their fancy lattes and ciabattas”. Next time I’ll visit I’ll don a Lenin style hat, a Kim Yung Il jacket and read The Daily Star to counter those accusations. It wasn’t even a particularly nice shirt.

no condiments for shirt wearers ?

no condiments for shirt wearers ?


Anyway, the ebcb was lovely: crunchy, golden chips that were covering a flock of beans and firm and tasty bacon. The cuppa of coffee was strong and milky and the mutterings of the chaps behind soon stopped after their own food came. Lovely place and obviously very popular, but be sure to wear the right garb before entering on a work day.

Workers Cafe

254 Globe RoadLondon

E2 0JD

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