Ipod touch +Last.Fm + Revo iBlik Radiostation = Excellent Entertainment


So, you have a Last.fm account, but you don’t want a computer in the living room. Well, if I say “want”, I mean ‘Not allowed’. No, not even a small one (women can detect even the smallest aberration in their interior design). But you were allowed to buy that nice Revo iBlik Radiostation, because it looks so stylish and it fits rather fetchingly into the modular book case. And you have of course a nice high speed wireless connection. It would of course be a wonderful idea if the iBlik would offer a Last.Fm plugin, but it seems that the Scottish electrosmiths at Revo are more interested in design then advancing their software (has any iBlik or Pico owner ever had a software update??), so the Last.fm connectivity has to come from somewhere else. Enter the iPod touch that you still had lying around somewhere, and tadaa: one click and you have one lovely sounding (I have a set of smashing active monitors hooked up to it) and acceptable looking Last.Fm living room entity. I always knew that the IPod touch had more to offer than just watching ‘Lost’ on the train.

4 thoughts on “Ipod touch +Last.Fm + Revo iBlik Radiostation = Excellent Entertainment

  1. Does the iBlik radiostation have a timed recording feature? I don’t see this option mentioned anywhere and would appear to be a major oversight.

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