Dear Gordon,

I was delighted when you succeeded that belligerent twerp Tony Blair. I was hoping for a thoughtful, intellectual, measured, competent technocrat with the social conscience of a presbyterian minister and the economic prowess of a long term chancellor. I would have voted for you back in  2007 if you would have given me a chance.

Unfortunately you turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.

While still able to lead on international subjects, you completely lost it in the domestic arena and surrounded yourself with a bunch of incompetent yay-sayers. Your thoughtfulness turned into dithering. You turned out to have the political response time of a galapagos turtle. You have been eclipsed in every aspect of domestic policies by the Tories and gave the BNP the chance to poison the minds of the very electorate that you should be able to bank on, the white blue collar worker.

I’ve had it with you. Please save this country from the BNP and the Tories and leave now. Let the smoking remnants of the Labour Party go into a coalition government with the LibDems and let the healing begin.

I wish you all the best in your future career as a visiting professor for economics at the University of St Andrews and hope that your life will be a fulfilled one. It’s probably the best for us all.



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