Executive recommendations.

Today I was leafing through a report produced by the Department of Health here in England, titled “Transforming community services: enabling new patterns of provision” .  Fortunately the lovely people writing these reports always put the most important statements at the beginning of the reports (called executive summary), so the busy executives don’t have to read the whole thing. This report is “intended to help PCT providers of community services to move their relationship with their commissioners to a purely contractual one, consider what type(s) of organisations would best meet the future needs of patients and local communities, and how change can be managed to support the transformation of services to patients”.

Aha. Quite a mouthful.

Well, the first point for chief executives is:

the drivers are for modern, innovative community services that have direct benefits for patients,
are responsive to local need, and promote seamless care through increased opportunities for
integration of health and social care services;

After that sentence I gave up. “The drivers are for modern [..] services that have direct benefits for patients” ? What kind of a grammatical construct is that?

And who will ever know what it’s supposed to mean?

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