Being awed by the shadows of Motown.

Howdy, readers,

I just finished watching “Standig in the Shadows of Motown”, the story of the musicians that created the brillant sound of Barry Gordy’s record label without ever getting any credit for it. I can’t remember the last time I felt that inspired and awed by a documentary. Not only where the stories these men told touching and inspiring, but more importantly, the music completely and utterly blew me away. Superbly recorded and produced and featuring an excellent set of musicians, these Motown songs lifted the spirits at chez Outhouse and got the place humming and dancing. Though what the vocally challenged Ben Harper did there I honestly don’t know, as he was easily outperformed by the amazing voices of Joan Osborne and Chaka Kahn. For 90 minutes I laughed and cried listening to the stories of the Funk Brothers and hummed, sung and danced to their music.

Utterly wonderful and the Soundtrack is now the latest addition to my collection.

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