The door to roaming space


Meet Karlchen (f) and Friedhelm (m). These two have been living pretty comfortable lives in their enormous apartment on our lawn for the last two years, but in the neverending quest to make their lives even more exciting, stimulating and fun, we here at Messaged from the Outhouse decided to enlarge their sphere of influence and build a door into their cage, so they can roam freely around the garden. Problem is, that I never had a jigsaw in my hand. Ever. But first the design:


I am sure that Isaia Toeava, All Black 1064, never would have imagined that his likeness will make a great template for my door. Please note the Anthrosophy – inspired edges. Anyway, next up the gig with the jigsaw:


Not quite as intended, but near enough. Next up the exclusive, colour coordinated hinges.


Excellent handywork that. Note the cool Dremel thingie that smoothed the edges and removed all the splinters. Now all it needed was a lock and we could try it out.


A critical customer, but not too unhappy. Although…


Uh Oh. Karlchen ready to charge the hapless cameraman. Maybe it was the colour of the hinges?

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