My MP wants to ban water

The MP for Otago did what felt right: with an interest  in banning potentially harmful substances like BZP she raised the issue of the dangerous drug dihydrogen monoxide that seems to be ubiquitous here in New Zealand (and indeed the world) with the Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton, the minister in charge of New Zealand’s illegal drug policy, after a constituent sent her a letter making her aware of this terrible substance. On the other hand, H2O is a really useful molecule. It keeps people from dying all around the globe. I am sure she agrees that there’s a conflict of interest.

Mrs Jacqui Dean,  according to her website the “quintessential people person”, used to be the presenter of the television programme ‘Play School’ and “studied education at tertiary level”.

Chemistry or Biology must have been lesser priorities. But that’s ok if one knows one’s limitations. Nevertheless then I would employ a parliamentary secretary that can use such a useful knowledge commodity like the ‘intarweb’.

Turns out, even National MPs are human. What an astonishing find.

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