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London Riots - Sony Distribution Centre Fire

Picture by Jamiejohn

Well, the general uprising of the looting wankers this week destroyed most independent vinyl, dvd’s and cds in a warehouse in Enfield:

I have no doubt that if you’re here you’ll have heard the news that the PIAS distribution centre in Enfield has been burnt down during the London riots. What you may not be aware of is that the warehouse contained the physical stock for many of Britain’s Indie records labels. The subsequent loss of income and cash flow problems that this act of mindless vandalism will bring about may well be enough to push many of the smaller operators out of business.

Our aim is to try and rally the music industry, both on the artist and the audience sides, and see if we can raise some money to see those affected through the tough times ahead.

So please visit Label Love and help the independent music industry in the UK. You know you want to.