A Slice of Pub Heaven

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and the best girlfriend and I decided to try out one of our many guidebooks and opted for ‘Pub Walks in Essex‘. With the weather being absolutely rubbish we opted to cancel the ‘walk’ bit and instead headed directly for the pub. With us being currently stranded in a rather unfashionable bit of the notorious South East of the Essex, only the car was able to take us to a decent watering hole and so we made our way to the village of Stow Maries, a surprisingly lovely bit of countryside in this rather drab area.  The Prince of Wales, the villages only pub, is a surprisingly comfortable and cozy pub, run by an unusually (well, at least for the area) friendly team of landlords and has an amazing selection of real ales and belgian beers (Kriek on tap. Yum!).  With me driving I was unfortunately only allowed to try a modest amount of their wares, but the best girlfriend already promised me to drop me off there for an saturday afternoon. Yeah! For those who don’t want to drive home, there is a nice B+B attached and the food is supposed to excellent.  They even have proper website. Good on them.

The best girlfriend and I were in absolute pub heaven and the easter sunday brightened up considerably. Heartily recommended.