Overheard in the Bowels of St Pancras Station

Men’s toilet, St Pancras station. A rather disshevelled looking gentleman enters the men’s room, adressing the silent row of closed cubicles

‘Oi, John?’

Muffled grumble from the cubicles

‘They f****** arrested Trevor! He was a bit pissed on the train and the f******* coppers came and f******* took him away’

More grumbles from the cubicles.

‘They f******* arrested Trev on some f******** terrorist thing. He was just f******** pissed, he’s not a f******* terrorist? I mean, he doesn’t look like a f*******Taliban, does he?

Does he?


Grumble from the cubicles: ‘There’s no John here, dude. Just us Taliban’.

Disshevelled man runs off, in an obvious panic.