Congratulations to the Palin Family

Well, isn’t that lovely? It’s only days since John Mc Cain, republican presidential candidate in the U.S., presented his choice for vice-president. The 44 year old Governor of Alaska has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Idaho and was mayor of Wasilia, Alaska for 6 years. That means she is looking after a similar number of people as the mayor of Duesseldorf, Germany. Plus, undoubtedly some Mooses. And fewer cultural institutions.  She has 5 kids and a hubby who is a champion snowmobiler and is a conservative christian on the more hardcore side of her faith.

According to CNN:

Palin said when running for governor in 2006 that she would support funding for abstinence-only education in schools, according to Eagle Forum Alaska, a conservative group that sent a questionnaire asking gubernatorial candidates their views on a range of issues.

Well, she should have done her homework. Would she have read some of the literature out there, she’d have found out that telling your kids not to have sex doesn’t work. Telling your kids to have safe sex works much better. The evidence is now overwhelming, as Mrs. Palin has just found out herself.

Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant and there are expectations that there will of course be a quick marriage.

Well, congratulations Grandma Palin. I hope your grandchild will be a happy and healthy one and that the bond between your daughter and ‘the young man’ will be a long one, but honestly: maybe it’s time for a policy rethink when it comes to the whole abstinence thing?