Does the BNP speak proper English?

Yesterday a leaflet was pushed through my mailbox. In bright blue letters on yellow background it said:

“People like you voting BNP”

Now, my grammar is not what it used to be, but isn’t this the wrong use of the gerund? Wouldn’t it make more sense to precede the ‘voting’ with an ‘are’, or at least put a comma after the ‘you’? Or, even easier, just use ‘vote’?

It doesn’t instill me with confidence that this party can’t even get their grammar right.

Or is this code that only their clientele understands? And why would people like me ever in their right mind vote for these simple minded right wing loonies?

Another misguided mailshot.

Racism in East Germany. It just won’t stop.

A very touching article that is immensely rewarding (and troublesome) to read for those of you able to read German in the rhinean daily Kölner Stadtanzeiger: It describes the experiences of a West-German protestant priest and his family, sent to Rudolstadt in Thuringia to work as a religious guidance teacher. Problem was: his wife’s mum was from India, and she and their children had black hair and were mildly more tanned than the other Rudolstaedters. The kids being called ‘Nigger’, regularly beaten up at school and never invited to other children’s party was only the beginning: Some shops refused to serve Miriam (the mum), she was constantly treated condescedingly by the locals, and comments like ‘in the past, people like you would have been sterilised’ forced them into complete isolation.

Now the family is back in West Germany.

This is of course not an isolated incidence.

Last year’s manhunt in Muegeln and the echoes of racist incidents in places like Rostock continue to reverberate through the German psyche, as they have for 18 years. There continues to be a deeply ingrained suspicion and fear of everybody who hails from a different culture than those marvellous East Germans. It’s almost like there’s a invisible wall in these people’s souls, build to shut out everything that does not fit into the narrow confines of their culture.

I wonder how many generations it’s going to take before humans with an accent or some more pigmentation (apart from an Mallorcan tan) will be safe to enter East Germany.