Via the lovely people from reddit comes this amazing picture of the Mars Rover “Curiosity” which completely bowled me over.  If they really manage to land this thing on Mars, I’ll eat a whole steak. All by myself.

Medium rare!

Vodcasting done badly.

I have been a member of the Planetary Society for over 5 years, mainly to help financing their excellent weekly podcast. This week they tried their hand on live streaming/video casting. Boy, did that go wrong. Can anybody tell me why I want to see a thin guy and an broader guy sitting at a desk for about an hour, answering questions from the web? Neither Bill Nye (who is not Bill Nighy and really should cease his extremely annoying weekly slot on Planetary Radio) nor Lou Friedman convinced me that I rather hear them on Mat Kaplan’s weekly show on my Ipod. To add insult to injury, there was no sign of the adult geek’s heroine, Emily Lakdawala. Planetary Society, if you want to convince the unwashed masses to WATCH, don’t feature Bill and Lou. That’s what radio and Podcasts are for. Instead, show loads of pics from probes and maybe the odd shot of Spirit and Oppi.

Thank You.

Congratulations to Nasa!

The Phoenix Lander has made it. 7 minutes of terror during entry, descent and landing have been survived, thanks to some brillant engineering. Sitting pretty on Mars’ polar region, it will now look for water and carbon.

I for one welcome my martian single cell overlords.

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