Bap vs The Boss

If you ever wondered whether there’s a connection between a mediocre Rolling Stones tribute band from Cologne and The Boss, don’t look no further. Yes, that’s Bruce Springsteen hugging a sweaty German.

James Murdoch. Is he being ironic?

So James Murdoch, viceroy of Rupert here in Britain accuses the BBC  of Orwellian methods:

“As Orwell foretold, to let the state enjoy a near-monopoly of information is to guarantee manipulation and distortion”.

I don’t know whether to have a hearty guffaw or seriously question the chap’s grasp on reality. As part of the world’s largest peddler of mixed media (Internet: check (myspace). Print media: check (The Times, The Sun, etc). TV: check (Fox, Sky). Film Production: check (20th century Fox), this conglomerate has the power like no other to shape opinions and news (as very obvious from their use of Fox News and the Sun as propagandistic tools).

So who is he to criticize the BBC? I rather have ‘state sponsored news’ than Fox News.

Planck Density. Something to get your head around.

So last week’s New Scientist attempted to familiarise me with the concept of  ‘loop quantum cosmology’. If I get this right (and please, somebody correct me if I am wrong) this theory states that before the big bang our universe already existed: after expanding to its fullest diameter it then shrank back until it reached microscopic volume in which things were pretty dense: 5.1 × 1096 kilograms per cubic metre dense (also called Planck Density) . Now that is even denser than population density in the East End. So when the universe reached that state of density, every thing started anew with a ‘big bounce’.

That of course means that we are all recycled, like a park bench made ouf recycled plastic.  A comforting thought, but the creationists will probably have another hissy fit when they find out (again) that the universe is older that 6000 years.