Melissa Kite: Radio4 fail.

So there we were, the best girlfriend ever and myself, gently ambling along the rural backstreets of Maldon District, when we started listening to ‘Any Questions’, Radio4’s flagship political panel program. ‘Oh great’, we thought, ‘no party political posturing’, as there was only one active politician (George Young, the leader of the House of Commons) on the panel. The rest was made up of Mehdi Hasan (New Statesman journo), Lord Adonis (ex-transport secretary under Labour and now director of the Institute for Government) and Melissa Kite. Melissa Who? According to the bamf on ‘any questions’ website, Melissa Kite is:

[..] a columnist for the Spectator and GQ magazines and was until recently deputy political editor of The Sunday Telegraph. She has previously worked for the Times and the Daily Telegraph as a political correspondent. Her Real Life column in the Spectator chronicles her struggles with new laptops, local councils and horses, among other things.

Right. Turns out that Ms Kite struggles with more than just laptops and horses. First she suggested that (because of him being the leader of the National Socialist Party) Hitler was a left wing mass murderer (because, you know, we shouldn’t focus only focus on these pesky right wing mass murderers like Anders Breivik).

She also professed her dislike for the High Speed in Britain because a) who needs those time savings anyway, b) the track would pass near her parents garden. Minutes before she requested a fiscal stimulus to kick start the economy. So a ‘grand project’ that spends 30 billion on infrastructure and would inject loads of cash into the builiding- and engineering industry would not be appropriate as it would inconvenience the parents?

Well, she didn’t like the response directed to her twitter account and tweeted:

now, im off to marbella so i bid you all happy namecalling, swearing, insulting, ranting and gasket-blowing. enjoy

It’s a shame on entertainment grounds, but I have the feeling she won’t be invited to Dimbleby again.

David Laws and Lena

May I point out that the the Telegaph has made the biggest own goal ever by eliminating an excellent neoliberal treasury minister.


P.S. Nice one, Lena. But you wonder why the UK always comes last in the Eurovision Song Contest. To quote the best girlfriend ever: “it’s hard to make friends on the continent when your politicians keep pissing on it. “