Incognito live in London


…and so it came to pass that Scottish bloke and I arranged to meet in London to see Bluey. Staying in a moderately comfy hotel in Bloomsbury, it was only a ten minute stroll to Camden Centre where that little bundle of joy was going to play with his current choice of musicians. Camden Centre has the feeling of a high school gymnasium but was soon filled with a pleasant and peaceful crowd, complaining about some terrible pear cider that cost a cool 4 pounds per can. The alternative was that highlight of the lager world, the moderately intolerable Sagres. Only 3 pounds per can. Pfft. At 9pm the band arrived, and by now I could honestly say that I did not recognise any of the current members of Incognito (apart from Bluey of course). Fortunately Imani made a small guest appearance, so I knew two of the people on stage (and of course Alex van den Bosch, Matt Bianco’s perennial happy percussionist). The concert was excellent: great choice of songs, a happy crowd, musicians obviously in a good mood. Big letdown was the sound though. Distorted vocals, lacking bass (the poor bassplayer obviously worked very hard, but unfortunately nothing of his efforts came through the mix). Maybe next time they should try to use some other speakers then those two living room units. 

Nevertheless, two blissful, pulsating hours. Scottish bloke was seen tapping his foot, which is pretty much the highest accolade among his kin.


Update 26.4.09 18:36 : Bluey apologised for the crap sound on Incognito’s website.