Day 4: That’s Entertainment (or maybe not)!

Another day at sea as we are traversing the Aegaen Sea from Istanbul to Athens. As Kim Stanley Robinson observed in ‘2312’: “Habits begin to form at the very first repetition”. So after 4 days we are already quite set in our ways: Get up, have breakfast, go back to the cabin, work, lunch, work, gym, dinner, digestif, bed. I assume that’s what it’s all about when taking a cruise: sleep and food. And plenty of both.


It’s Terrormolinos!

For those who don’t have the necessity to sit in front of the laptop during their holidays, the ship’s entertainment armada offers sporty things on the upper decks, evening entertainment in the ship’s theatre (mainly consisting of a group of people singing musical and easy listening covers with varying degree of annoyance). And if you’re too lazy to sit in the theatre, you can watch the shenanigans on the ship’s TV. I am just glad that my cabin is quite far removed from the entertainment hub and I can’t hear the caterwauling. I am moderately envious of the guests on the Geek Cruises and those organised by the Scientific American or the Planetary Society, but then you learn by experience. If intellectual titillation it is what you seek, maybe you shouldn’t be on a Diva cruise. Live and learn.

Nevertheless, if it’s relaxation you seek, there’s plenty here for you. Especially for the brain.