Booze and Fags: Day 3 of the international week of the Popper

So by now we know how the popper dressed, got about and targeter his/her mates. But was there ever any, you know, intoxication?

Very little.

Well, if I say very little, there used to be the odd experimental vomit due to accidental overdosing of Curacao Bleu, but apart from that the Popper itself was a rather harmless being when it came to sex, drugs and rocknroll. Well, none of these really.

For intoxication and brand consciousness there were Dunhill cigarettes:The nice thing about them was of course not the taste. No, it was the packaging. If you’d open one of these babies, two gold-paper wrapped chambers full of cigarettes would stare at you, making the act of getting the fags out even more delicious. AND they had a gold ring around the filter. What’s not to like. AND they were longer than other fags.

For more serious intoxication (but not that serious. That would be uncool) there was alwas beer. And Amaretto. Mixed with apple juice, this was mana from heaven and could invigorate even the coolest popper. In a very measured way of course.

Anything else? Well, if you’d try dope or get terribly pissed, you’d loose your Popper status, as loss of control was of course hugely frowned upon. The only thing to get really excited about was a new colour in the polo shirt range of Lacoste.