This Is Your Life.

At times my middle aged neurons reactivate long neglected pathways. Interestingly most often this is by being reminded of particular songs, that then trigger a whole trail of memories, long thought forgotten, associated with that particular snippet of sound. Quite frequently this causes a short, sharp grimace, when I remember a particular embarrassing episode that suddenly pops in my head, but sometimes a sudden feeling of bliss can come over me, reminding me that there were moments in my life when I was truly happy. A similar thing happened this morning, sitting at my desk, doing some work from home. Itunes was playing randomly in the background, selecting The Blow Monkeys ‘This is your life’, when suddenly this memory popped in my head about a song with the same title, sung by two women with short hair. A quick Google search confirmed this: ‘This is your life’ was the first single by the post Communards duo of Caroline Buckley and Sally Herbert also known as ‘Banderas’. Gone after one album (the blissful ‘Ripe‘) they obviously had enough of pop stardom and went marrily along their private ways, but I think both sonically and visually, they left quite a mark as my middleaged neurons confirmed this morning.


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