Folding is cool



So it finally arrived. After only 4 weeks the lovely people from London Fields Cycles in Hackney gave me a call that my custom made Brompton had arrived. Extra durable tires for the tough London roads, permanent magnetic lighting for better recognition by lorries, extra high saddle for tall riders and extra stiff suspension for the er, abdominally challenged. Today I gave it a quick 6 mile trial run, and it’s exactly as you would expect: sturdy, firm, quick and comfy. I still have to get used to folding mechanism and don’t have it quite down to 15 seconds like the pros (my colleagues at work at a good laugh at my feeble attempts to unfold the little gem). Made in London in its factory just around the corner from the Chiswick roundabout, visible from the M4 on the way to Heathrow, it’s an iconic piece of British manufacturing history, and as such an item I am proud to own.

If it now just makes my commute to work a bit easier, reduces my heini size and improves the weather it was a worthwhile (and considerable) investment.

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