Kung Pao Kitchen!

My giddy aunt,

I haven’t been so excited about the launch of a new album since, er, oh, I don’t know. I am officially to old to care about new album releases, especially as most of the artists I like have long hung up their portable synthesizers to either go into a cocaine riddled coma or to turn into real estate salespeople. But since last week I have 9 shiny fresh songs from one of my favourite bands ever. Nu Shooz new release is called ‘Kung Pao Kitchen’ and contains more pure funk than the Great Wall of China. No really. It’s electrofunk at its best and there’s not an (audible) autotune in sight (be quiet, I can smell something).  Mrs Day sounds as good as ever and like she hasn’t aged a bit (and if you see the pictures of the release party, that certainly rings true) and her hubby hasn’t changed his approach to e-funk. It still sounds like a kid with ADHD was let loose between a ton of electronic percussive elements and…

Oh, Sorry.

You have never heard of Nu Shooz?

Well. Let me remind you.

Right, do you remember now? Late eighties hipster funksters. Cool. Let’s go on then…


Because I planned to do a series on unknown electro pop innovators (the other one was Richard Anthony Hewson who never answered) I wrote a few emails, and John Smith actually sent me a long, enthusiastic email which I promptly deleted in an overzealous act of ‘cleaning up my inbox’. He wasn’t particularly pleased and never wrote again. Sniff. Anyway, they have made a new album which is ridiculously good and as last.fm seems to record me as Nu Shooz only listener (ok, almost), I would like you to buy their album. The link is here.

Thank you.

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