Pink Milkshakes = Good Sundays?

Just look at it: Pink drink on pink wall in front of reddish condiments. No wonder I was frogmarched into the place by two beautiful women (who, I haste to add, didn’t wear anything pink). The Rose vegetarian restaurant in a north-western corner of London (just around the corner from Kingsbury tube station) may not offer much solace for the tired eye, but it makes it up in the quality of its food. Just like a certain other gentleman I am always on the prowl to find excellent south-east Asian food, and if that certain gentleman declares that the food is excellent I am happy to follow him blindly even into the deepest darkest alleyways.

The Rose restaurant is not in such an alleyway. Located on a busy high street this place is brightly lit and oozes fun. Pink walls and other primary colours reflect the light and distract from the gloom outside. The menu is exhaustive and caters for even the pickiest religion. The food was heavenly. Meat wasn’t missed a minute, and the four us raved about the delights that were put in front of us. Service was swift and friendly, the punters numerous and happy.

If I ever make it back into the foreign lands that are NW London, I’ll make sure to visit again. Recommended.

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