flawless, fabulous, fantastic, flabbergasting fodcasts

As I still can’t fall asleep properly, there is still need for some scientific podcasts to help me glide into my (likely interrupted) slumber. So here are the newest additions and deletions.

The New Ones:

Americana: Radio4’s weekly observations from Absurdistan the USA. Very funny and very insightful.

The Infinite Monkey Cage: Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince discovering the lighter side of science, accompanied by an ever changing panel full of weirdos. Brillant.

Material World: Quentin Cooper, creator of the worst puns in science broadcasting reports on the week’s most important science stories.

More or Less: The best program about the abuse of statistics. Full stop.

The Naked Scientists: Cambridge Virologist Chris Smith and his merry band of PhDs get only the best interviewees and manage to explain even the weirdest concepts to bonkheads like me.

Quackcast: Mark Crislips, the world’s most ascerbic microbiologist, on everything that is bad about ‘alternative and holistic’ medicine.

The Science Show: Australia’s flagship science program. I have no idea how long Robin Williams has been doing this, but he is bloody good at it.

Star Stuff: I have no idea who Stuart Gary thinks he is chanelling, but that voice and that delivery is more appropriate for an erotica show, but the actual reports are brillant. If he could just tone that voice down.

Thinking Allowed: Laurie Taylor, god of sociology, delivers the weirdest papers from the journals.

Radiolab: The best produced podcast. Ever.

What’s going:

Living on Earth: While a great ecological program, their relentless focus on American issues only makes it a bit tedious. Shame.

The Film Programme: Filmstars are very boring people.

NPR Technology/Environment: Good reporting, but again, the U.S. focus is a bit annoying.

The ones I’ll keep: Radio 4’s In our time/From our own correspondent/Friday Night Comedy. Radio New Zealand’s Sunday Morning, This Way Up and Our Changing World and The Planetary Society’s podcast. All bloody brillant.

So, make sure you subscribe to these goldmines of fun and facts and feed your brain those flawless, fabulous, fantastic, flabbergasting fodcasts.

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