BBC Radio3

You know you have reached the stage of being a grumpy old man when you start complaining about Radio3 scheduling, but there we are.

Until recently there used to be three shows in the morning that would deliver pretty much continuous classical music.

Now there is ‘Essential Classics’, which sounds to me like a compilation CD from Morrisons. There are now ‘daily brainteasers’ and some guests who are asked to talk about their love of music.

If the controller of Radio3, a chap called Roger Wright, would try any harder to make this sound like ‘Classic FM’, all he would need to do now is introduce commercials.

All I want from his station is as much good music as possible, the works always in their entirety, I playlist so I can see what’s playing and as little talking as possible. You think he would get that.

2 thoughts on “BBC Radio3

  1. Hello! Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself as a grumpy old man (I’m a woman, for a start), I agree with absolutely every word in this post. I actually found it by Googling ‘Roger Wright idiot’, so there you go!

    The new Radio 3 schedule has me in despair. I used to love Classical Collection, and discovered some beautiful new things on there which I probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise. I’m not interested in what Marcus du Sautoy is listening to – why should I be? – and the idea of the daily brainteaser is *so* patronising. (I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon and have just had to turn off Gareth Malone for a similar thing.) I don’t know where I’m going to turn to for my listening now.

    What were they thinking of and can anything be done, do you think?


    • Hi Sophie,

      well, what can you do. The controller of Radio 3 will undoubtedly say that according to the focus groups this is exactly what the public wants, but if you look around on the forum of ‘Friends of Radio3’ etc, the sentiment is exactly the same that you and I share.

      With the advent of digital radio and numerous internet stations playing non stop classic radio, Radio3 will become obsolete anyway (if they don’t try).



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