Split Red Lentil Dal with Lamb and Tomatoes

This weekend the best girlfriend ever was away gallivanting around the continent so I thought I’d get out one of my favourite cookbooks – the amazing The practical Encyclopedia of Indian Cooking by Shezhad Husain and Rafi Fernandez – to get inspiration for a curry. I still had some lamb strips in the freezer, so lamb it was.

I first heated some nice Kalamata Olive oil in a deep pan and fried for 5 minutes a bay leaf, 3 cloves, 6 black peppercorns and a chopped onion. I then added the sliced lamb strips, and a tablespoon each of turmeric, hot chili powder crushed coriander seeds and stir fried the whole mix until the lamb was nice and brown.

I then added 2 pints of water, brought the whole thing to a simmer and left it until the water was almost evaporated and again stirfried the whole shebang for another 2-3 minutes.

Simmering Away

Almost completely reduced

In the meantime I cooked ca 50g of red split lentils in a pint of water and when nice and soft added them to the reduced lamb mix and on top added 2 sliced tomatoes and 2 sliced green chilies. Stir and serve!

With Lentils, tomatoes and chillies

et voila!

See, that wasn’t too hard, wasn’t it?

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