Unpacking the Ratinger Hof Book

Ah, the Ratinger Hof. The cauldron in which the Ur-punk soup was brewed, and in which new English (and German) music was showcased. Wire, The Krupps, DAF, Propaganda, and loads more either played there or were conceived within the naked walls, soaked with Altbier and smoked with unmentionable substances. For a few years, this ugly little pub in Duesseldorf was the centre of the West – German culture/counterculture interface in which the established scene observed what was bubbling under.

Ralf Zeigermann, himself a veteran of the club (I believe he even played there), contacted loads of his old buddies and with their help produced a gorgeous documentation of these wild days, astounding pictures and all. While the text is German, the acquisition is worth its while for the stunning pictures alone.


Have a look at the unboxing process:

Note 'Wire' themed Beermat





Get it.

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