It’s not you, Robert Green. It’s them.

Here at Fordiebianco HQ we have been enjoying some lovely footy. Well, mostly watching the German friendly training game against Australia, but we also dutifully watched our host nation’s attempt at glory. That wasn’t as lovely. But the relentless battering via the so called ‘popular press’ here in the UK is not only contra productive, but also completely misguided.

If a first class team like the English one is not able to put four goals past these minnows from across the pond, then it’s not Robert Green’s problem. It’s his team’s. This one goal should have just been a foot note in history.

So Robert, old chap: cheer up.

2 thoughts on “It’s not you, Robert Green. It’s them.

  1. The minnows across the ponds players largely play in european leagues – 4 are in the English prem for starters. They also beat Spain recently. The ‘weaker’ sides are not as weak as they used to be due to the players clubs – look at the African sides as another example. I agree that england as usual are overhyped and we will be lucky to reach the quarters but the fault is with the players and why they can’t reproduce club form at international level. No excuses this time, the manager has proven pedigree and the preparation couldn’t have been better. I think England will scrape through the group and then get beaten by the Germans………………

    • Wise words calmly spoken. Written.

      Now all we have to do is wait for the New Zealand – North Korea final.


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