Pope themed Condoms?

As the poor young civil servant responsible for that particular memo is now probably languishing in suspension hell and is preparing for life outside the civil service, it might be worthwhile to spin this a bit further. If the pope was going to be invited to bless ‘Benedict themed condoms’ and celebrate a gay marriage, then other (and former) heads of state could just as well have to do a bit of international community service based on their previous sins when visiting Britain. Let’s see

Evict Robert Mugabe in the middle of the night from his hotel room.

Make Kim Yong Ill listen to  the BBC World Service for 24 hours.

Let George Bush open a new Centre for Stem Cell Research.

Let Helmut Kohl eat Haggis.

Silvio Berlusconi could be shut in a room full of journalists from the Economist

..and Tony Blair could lend his name to a treatment unit for soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder.

One can only hope that that young civil servant’s landing on the job market will be soft.

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