Three Colts Lane

Three Colts Lane in Bethnal Green is not the most beautiful of streets in London. Dilapidated pubs like the Duke of Wellington above and grey victorian houses scatter one side of the street. The other side is a steam punk’s dream, though. One black cab repair shop next to the other (I counted eight) occupies the railway arches and there are literally hundreds of these steampunk vehicles scattered around.

picture courtesy of Taxi Nerd on Flickr

…and after you make it past the cabs, you can stroll through Weavers Field, a large open space in the middle of Bethnal Green. And in it’s middle, you can marvel at a statue that certainly must be the finest proponent of what I would call ‘Orwellian Art’:

They should call it 'Synergy: Exercise and CCTV'

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