Re-appraising the podcasts

As my little list of perfect podcasts has been untouched for some time, it’s time to re-appraise.  Some will have to go, some I gladly keep, some new ones need to be added.

The ones that have to go:


  • This week in tech: As amusing this group of merry geeks can be, this is now mainly self-indulgent banter, and if I hear Jasaon Calacanis one more time I’ll have to vomit. As there is now no knowledge gained at all, this has to go.
  • The World Technology Podcast: While moderately informative, Clark Boyd must be the most annoying and whingy podcast presenter in the entire universe. Hearing him repeatedly whine about the lack of listeners completely put me off the whole programme. Maybe the lack of listeners is a sign, Clark?

The ones I’ll keep


  • In our time: Continuing to go from strength to strength, the format is unbeatable. Take Melvin and three formidable scientists and have them discuss a historical event, physical phenomenon or person for 45 minutes. Radio at its best.
  • Friday night comedy from BBC4:  The Now Show and the News Quiz continue to be the 30 minutes of comedy on the radio. So good, you need to listen to it 3 times to get all the jokes.
  • Living on Earth: Now with an expanded portfolio of presenters, LOE delivers reliably excellent reporting and analysis from the (admittedly americocentric) fight for a better environment.
  • NPR Environment/Technology: Solid reporting from the U.S.A.’s best public broadcaster.
  • Planetary Radio: Mat Kaplan and Emily Lakdawala present the best 30 minutes od space based news, always featuring the heavyweights from Nasa, Esa or JPL. If they could just ditch the highly irritating Bill Nye.

 The new guys on the block


  • The Film programme: Old movies, New Movies, and only the best directors and actors, being asked proper questions (instead of the usual ‘what’s your favourite colour/music’ that most red tops manage)
  • The Guardian Science Podcast: Sterling guests, knob jokes and not one creationist in sight. What’s not to like?
  • Radio New Zealand’s ‘This way up’: Maybe the world’s best consumer magazine. Nothing is to irreverent not to be reported on for 40 minutes. Recently: Public urination.  
  • Radio New Zealand’s ‘Our changing world’: Veronika Meduna doesn’t only have one of the sexiest voices in broadcasting, the stuff she produces is amazing as well. Every week heaps of in depth reporting from the forefront of natural sciences

So, click on the links left of this window and get them all. What are ipods for?

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