New Music from the Noughties.

Today’s ‘Observer Music Magazine’ sent me soul-searching by reviewing the best music of the decade. I wasn’t actually aware that the decade was already over, but these things happen when you’re getting older. There were some excellent reviews and interviews with artists I generally ignore or despise and for some reason none of the stuff that I discovered over the last ten years.

Now, as my friend C. regularly tells me, I have the worst taste in music ever. In the whole universe. Which would make my selection of favourite new artists from this decade probably rather unrepresentative. But what’s ‘new’ music, anyway? Does music count that I heard for the first time over the last ten years but was made forty years ago? Probably not. It has to be music by artists who released new material for the first time in this decade. Ever. But I can always open up a new category. So, let’s scour the ipod:

Fordiebianco’s favourite artists releasing their first material ever in the Noughties (in no particular order)

  • Goldenhorse
  • Old Crow Medicine Show
  • The Klaxons
  • Hot Chip
  • Jazzanova
  • Hollie Smith
  • Anika Moa
  • Steriogram
  • Che Fu

…and next week we might compile the even more compelling list of artists who have been around for yonkers but who released some really cool stuff in the last ten years.

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