Manbags. Effeminate? What, really?

Charlie Porter is a fashion features editor for i-D and writes for the Guardian. He was recently given a new manbag for his birthday and when airing it proudly in Canary Wharf was promptly accused of nicking ladies’ handbags. That’s not nice. At all. But he is obviously oblivious to the impact a manbag has on other men.

It was a disquieting and humiliating experience, this apparent fashion crime. Humiliating because first he thought I was a petty thief, and then he judged me as effeminate.

Pic borrowed from the Guardian

Well, Duh.

4 thoughts on “Manbags. Effeminate? What, really?

  1. What’s in the bag? According to Charlie, it’s cool reportery stuff like a Kindle, iPhone (people with iphones never call them mobiles do they?), notebook, plus keys. But one look at that bag and you would expect either a) lippy, compact, purse and tampons or b) toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shaving cream.

    • Completely agree.

      I once had to go to a ‘young farmers’ barn dance and my girlfriend and her sister both gave me their handbags to watch over them. The looks I got from those burly young men will be similar to what young Charlie here is getting.

      • Burgundy. Good colour for a grape-based alcoholic drink. Passable as a colour for a Sweeney-era Ford Cortina. Bad colour for everything else, especially a patent leather clutchbag.

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