100% Generation Discofunk

Once a week I spend a whole day working from home, doing academic bits and bobs. This can be exceedingly tedious if you don’t have something that keeps you going. Being the old person that I am and having a rather peculiar taste in music, the Revo is playing 100% Generation DiscoFunk all day. Well, the station is French, so they rather pronounce it ‘foenk’, but you get the gist.


Note the kitchen stains. Tss Tss...

Even the driest meta-analyses can be fun if you have a bit of S.O.S. band in the background. And with the Revo it’s not a problem getting the station everywhere in the house (Internet Radio in the bathtub. The ultimate luxury).

3 thoughts on “100% Generation Discofunk

  1. Am a bit of a lost cause when it comes to new technology. My wife is making me blog about starting my new cafe (hideawaycafe.wordpress.com), though I am starting to enjoy it (I found yours through the epic ebcb site). I take photos on my phone but never do anything with them. And I cant really be arsed with downloading music and films etc. and besides our old mac is playing up and will only operate in Safe Mode and wont play audio. So I find myself with the radio on most of the time.

    My favourite radio station is the fabulous FIP, a French station that plays incredibly varied stuff, from Rachmaninov to Royksopp, via Rogers and Hammerstein and Radiohead. And for the most part the only DJ voice you hear is an incredibly sexy French woman a couple of times per hour, and a bloke reading the news at ten to the hour. The only downside is the jazz hour at seven pm, but even that just makes it ultra-French and cool. Some geezers in Brighton were boosting the signal but kept getting busted by the ear pollution that is Radio Reverb, whose signal they were piggy-backing/interfering with. I had a separate radio in my kitchen dedicated to FIP, on top of the fridge so the kids couldnt touch the dials. But they seem to have been off air for a few months.

    Now it strikes me that this REVO thing is what I need. I was going to get a laptop for the cafe and play FIP on it, but this REVO gadget might be better. can you hook it up to speakers? Does it need an amplifier if you do? I’ll google it, but would welcome some input if you have time.

    • Revo is the best brand since sliced bread (TM). They have a very varied range of radios, most of them able to play Dab/Dab+/FM/Internet/Ipod/Harddisk. The Pico in the picture is their most cost-effective and will be happily be connected to a setr of speakers via 3.5mm cinch. For a cafe it might be better if you go for the equally good but more practical iblik radiostation (also by Revo) which you can alternatively hook up to an Amp.


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