Swineflu is taking over. Especially in the press.

The place were I earn my money is broadly speaking in the healthcare business: folks call us or walk through the door, get some advice or some medication and leave the premises (hopefully) soon feeling better. Over the last 3 weeks the amount of people me and my workmates have been seeing and given advice over the phone has broadly quadrupled. The amount of fear and misinformation that is out there in the community is incredible. The relentless pounding of sensationalist headlines by the English red tops into the psyche of its readers has turned this normally relaxed and good natured country into a collection of existentially frightened humans fearing for their lives. That it compares favourably to other influenza epidemics doesn’t seem to be registered. The amount of misinformation doesn’t help. Daily changing guidance from a plethora of different agencies and quangos only adds to the confusion.

Stay calm. If you have flu like symptoms, stay at home until you’re better. If you have long term health problems, call your GP or one of the numerous helplines. Have some paracetamol, they will help make you feel better. Don’t watch day time television: it’s very bad for your brain.

See, that wasn’t hard, was it?

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